What are Truffles?  

Truffle hunt progression.The truffles most commonly cultivated in Australia, and the truffles that our dogs are currently trained to find, are the fruiting bodies of the fungus Tuber Melanosporum, the Perigord or French Black Truffle. They are so named because of the region in France where they grow in the wild. The Black Truffle is also found naturally in Italy, Spain and Croatia. The Black Truffle is a relative new comer to the southern hemisphere, and are now cultivated in Australia, New Zealand, South America and South Africa. Cultivated black truffles are grown in symbiosis with oak and hazel nut trees, and are grown in farms called Trufferies.

The black truffle is often toted as one of the most expensive foods in the world, up there with Beluga caviar, saffron and the Italian White Truffle.

Black truffles can vary in size from a pea to a grapefruit…sometimes even bigger! The biggest truffle we have found personally in Manjimup was 1.001 kilograms, however at another Manjimup property a 1.016 kilogram truffle has been found! They can be found anywhere from breaking the surface of the earth to 30+cms under ground. When the truffle ripens during the winter months (June –Sept) it produces a very strong odour. It is this odour that humans find so alluring and makes the truffle such a prized gourmet treat. It is also the scent that helps the dogs detect ripe truffles underground.

Three elements make a successful truffle operation:
Growing the Truffle
Harvesting the Truffle
Marketing/sale of the Truffle

As far as growing and marketing of truffles we are ideally placed to give you a full appraisal of who can do what for you. Feel free to contact us.

Harvesting the Truffle - We have a unique view of the truffle industry as we have come into it from a harvesting angle. This is an issue that is often not looked at until the trufferie is mature. Truffle Dogs WA have learnt some valuable lessons and we are more than happy to discuss these issues with anybody who has trees already in or is wishing to plant some truffle trees. We recommend that you discuss these issues in the planning phase, as some guidance in the early stages may well save a lot of time and money to you in 10 years time!

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