About our Truffle Dogs  

Show me! The early truffle hunters used pigs as their detection tool. Pigs were used because the truffle is a natural food source during the winter months in the northern hemisphere. The hunters moved to dogs as they were a lot easier to handle, and train. The problem of truffle eating was also some what eliminated. In some areas pigs are still used.

Truffle Dogs WA mostly use Labradors, but have trained and used a Golden Retriever and a mongrel/bitsa. We find that Labrador's have natural drive and their temperament make them a solid dog to train in truffle detection. This is however a purely personal decision and many different breeds can make exceptional truffle dogs. Through out Australia and the world many different breeds are used to great success. Quite often the French Truffle hunter prefers a mongrel. In our experience, dogs with a natural disposition to retrieve or hunt find it a lot easier to learn the art of truffle hunting.

Most hunting and retrieving breeds will do a good job in the truffle field. If you wish to get your own dog for the purpose of hunting truffle in your own trufferie some of the following breeds come recommended: Beagles, Pointers, Setters, Spaniels and of course Labrador Retrievers!

Truffle Dogs WA can provide guidance or training of your very own truffle hunting dog. However, before you run out and buy the first dog you come across, get in contact with us and we will be happy to give you a few pointers to aid your decision.

Things to think about include:


Your personal circumstances


How much time can you give to this animal


Other obligations


Size and age of trufferie


Other trufferies in your area


Personal preference


Who is going to work the dog? You or your Partner, perhaps an older child etc


Viva Searching


Here at Truffle Dogs WA we use positive reinforcement scent association training. We foster a non dependent search out of our dogs so that they find as many of your truffles as possible. We do not want our dogs to only follow the handler, if they smell a truffle we want them to go to it and drag us there with them.

The secret to a good truffle dog is enjoyment, for both the dog and the handler. Your dog must be having fun when they are searching for your truffles. If you do not want to be there, the dog will pick this up and mirror your mood, resulting in a lack of interest in the task at hand. You can not force a dog to search for you, you must be a team!
Yes, it can be very wet and cold searching for truffles in the middle of winter, but as truffle hunters we know that this is a part of the job. The dogs do not care about the weather, and we love to share with them the thrill of the hunt, regardless of the climatic conditions.

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